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I Am A New Patient
Welcome to St. Clair Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, PC. We have been providing orthopaedic care to the east side of Metro Detroit for over 50 years. Our practice current has nine orthopaedic surgeons with different subspecialties to take care of all your orthopaedic needs.
Please click on our “Appointments” page to learn more about your first visit. In addition, any frequently asked questions about our practice may be listed on the “FAQ” tab on the home page.
You may call either of our offices (St. Clair Shores or Macomb Township) for an appointment. Please note if one office does not have availability, please make sure and ask the phone receptionist if you can be seen earlier at the other office. Alternatively, please email us an appointment request using the “contact us” link. Our goal is to serve your orthopaedic needs in a timely and efficient manner. Patients with broken bones will get priority for appointments. This may occasionally mean waiting longer to see the doctor on the day of your appointment because you may have been added to a full schedule.
We have on site x-ray and physical therapy facilities at each office. Several of our physicians are fellowship trained to provide specialized orthopaedic care for your particular diagnosis. Please click on the “why choose us” tab to see why we strive to provide orthopaedic excellence.
In order to expedite your first visit, please log on to the patient portal to enter routine medical information. This may minimize inconvenience during your doctor visit. Click on the “Patient portal” tab to log in.
Learn more about “deductibles” and “copays” that you may be responsible for at the time of your visit by clicking on “FAQ” tab.
New patients will be required to have their drivers’ license or official ID available. In addition, routine forms will need to be filled out. Please download the forms below and bring them to your appointment. This may minimize check in times. Patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent. Please DO NOT forget to bring your insurance cards at the time of your visit.
For Dr. Lee, Dr. Sidhu, Dr. Zingas, Dr. Dietz, Dr. Minster, Dr. Schramski,or Dr. Bergin, please complete the following forms.
For Dr. Perry, please complete the following forms.
For Dr. Schoch, please complete the following forms.
Please bring any recent X-rays, CAT scan, MRI scans (reports and actual images) to your appointment. This will minimize duplications of studies already performed.
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